Frequently Asked Questions

TiniPoll is a free online polling platform for remote meetings, lectures, online events, webinars or just for fun. Run simple one-question polls with live results. One-click setup; completely anonymous with no registration, no personally identifying information is requested or stored. It's easy to participate, use a short code or even better scan the supplied QR code. Polls support all languages and your audience can vote from any device.

A single question poll. The premise of TiniPoll is to poll your audience with a single question to quickly judge opinion or support. Simplicity increases audience participation.

You can use TiniPoll for any use cases subject to our Terms of Use. Common uses of TiniPoll include online meetings for audience feedback, a poll for a quick decision and even just fun questions.

Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is compatible.

No. An app is not required, TiniPoll works in your smart phone’s or computer’s default browser.

QR Code – from your settings page you will be able to copy the QR code and include it in your presentations. Optionally if you are sharing your screen to an audience during a Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx or similar screen sharing tool your audience will be able to scan the QR code from the results page and watch the voting in real time.

Link – copy a unique link that you can email, send in a chat or post online for your audience to participate from.

Email – use the email button to compose an email with your unique poll link.

Telegram – click the Telegram icon in settings to send your poll link via Telegram.

WhatsApp – click the WhatsApp icon in settings to send your poll link via WhatsApp.

Social Media – the social media buttons on your Poll settings page allow you to share your poll directly to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Only you as the poll admin will be able to view the results.

Each poll is valid for 7 days, after which it is automatically deleted.

No. Once your poll is deleted, either by you or the system, you will not be able to retrieve the results. Be sure to check in on your Poll before it expires.

No. Once your audience has started voting you will not be able to change the questions or answers. If you have customisations enabled you will not be able to edit those either.

Only people who have your Poll link or your Poll ID can vote in your poll. However it is possible for someone to guess your Poll ID and vote in your poll, our systems have active responders in place to counter against automated or brute force attempts to manipulate our systems however the likelihood still remains. It is not recommended to host polls with sensitive information.

These are your admin logon details to your poll, it’s important to make a note of these as you cannot recover your Poll Admin Password if forgotten.

No, these are randomly generated for security reasons.

No, please make a note of these details as once lost they are lost forever.

Yes, we do not collect any personal information about you when you create a poll nor do we collect any personal information from your audience. Please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy to read up on what data is collected, how it is processed and what you can opt out of.