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TiniPoll is a micro polling platform

Run real time polls during your remote meetings, stand-ups, lectures, online events or webinars.

One-click poll setup, free to use.

Simple one-question poll with live results.

Easy to participate, use a short code or even better scan the supplied QR code!

Completely anonymous, no personally identifying information is requested or stored.

Polls support any language.


Micro Polling

Micro Polling

The premise of TiniPoll is to poll your audience with a single question to judge opinion or support. Simplicity increases audience participation.

Vote From Any Device

Vote From Any Device

It's easy to access your poll; a quick QR code scan gets your audience voting, alternatively a short code or URL can be used to participate.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Your poll is live within seconds using one-click setup, no registration required.

Realtime Feedback

Real Time Results

Results update in real time as voting is taking place; ideal for remote meetings, webinars and live events. The results screen is designed to be shared live.

Anonymous Participation

Anonymous Participation

Polling outside of your corporate platform promotes feedback in a safe environment. There's no login and no personal information is requested or stored.

Works Well With

Works with Microsoft Teams
Works with Zoom
Works with Join Me
Works with Google Meet
Works with Cisco Webex
Works with Go To Meeting


TiniPoll is FREE to use, each poll is active for 7 days to an unlimited voting audience.

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